Indirect Water Bath Heaters

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At Exotherm, our priority is to provide you with high-quality, custom-designed and manufactured fired heaters that suit your specific industry needs. Our water bath heaters are just a few of the many process heaters that are engineered to last and can fit many applications and standards.

Indirect Water Bath Heater Operation

The process coils and the fire tubes are immersed in water or a liquid bath. As the unit is fired, heat is transferred from the fire tube to the water bath and then to the process fluid. This indirect method of heating provides safe, uniform, and regulated heating of the process fluid.

Although the heater shell operates at atmospheric pressure, the process flow coils are designed to handle working pressures up to 10,000 psi.

Fast response in heat output from the fire tube meets the heating requirement of the process fluid without any baffling that restricts heat flow. Typical process outlet temperatures are up to 190 F.

The forced draft burner firing rate is controlled by a PID loop control signal. This signal manipulates the burner firing rate based on the temperature feedback signal from at temperature element installed in the water heater bath.  See also our steam bath heaters available.

Forced Draft Water Bath Heaters

Applications that require lower flux rates to prevent fluid damage or coking are ideal for Exotherm forced draft water bath heaters. Exotherm offers a safer and more compact heater with our unique forced draft design that incorporates smaller fire tubes for water bath heaters.

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Forced Draft Bath Heater for Gas Treating Solvent     Forced Draft Bath Heater for heating Ethylene

Indirect Water Bath Heater Design Features

  • Compact Design – Utilizing Forced Draft Burner Technology (Smaller Fire Tubes)
  • Safe Operation – NFPA Compliant Burner Management System. FM, UL, CSA, SIL Compliance
  • Custom Features – Exotherm has the experience and expertise to meet unique customer specifications
  • Designed Per API-12K, ASME Section VIII or ANSI B31.1 Code
  • Process Temperature up to 190 F.
  • Process Fluid Pressures up to 10,000 PSI.
  • Removable Fire Tube and Process Coils
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