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Industrial Steam Bath Heaters

The process coils and the fire tubes are installed inside of a pressure vessel with two distinctive sections. The fire tube is immersed in water in the lower section of the vessel, while the process coil is located in the upper section of the vessel above the water level. During operation, heat is transferred to the water in the lower zone and causes the water to vaporize. This creates a steam zone in the upper section of the vessel which surrounds the process coils. This steam surrounding the process coil will condense on the process coil and fall back into the liquid zone below. This condensing phase change creates an exponential and uniform transfer of heat to the process without any potential for exceeding the temperature limitations of the process fluid. This indirect method of heating combined with the high heat transfer rate provides safe, uniform, and regulated heating of the process fluid.

The steam bath heater vessel operates at the required pressure to maintain the desired steam temperature, while the process coils are designed to handle working pressures up to 10,000 psi.

Fast response in heat output from the fire tube meets the heating requirement of the process fluid without any baffling that to restrict heat flow. Typical process outlet temperatures range from cryogenic up to 400° F.

The forced draft burner firing rate is controlled by a PID loop control signal. This signal manipulates the burner firing rate based on the temperature feedback signal from at temperature element installed in the steam heater bath.  See also our water bath heaters.

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We also offer custom heaters designed to meet temperature rise requirements and thermal efficiency.

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