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About Exotherm

Quick Overview of Our Custom Heater Capabilities

Exotherm Corporation is a leader in designing and manufacturing custom-built fired heaters. We build the Uniflux brand of convection heater. The staff at Exotherm includes process engineers, as well as experienced design and controls engineers. Exotherm has the ability to design a safe, dependable heater for nearly any application. Applications in which Exotherm excels include thermally-sensitive fluids, such as thermal fluids,vegetable oils, some crude oil applications, and regeneration gas heaters. Exotherm is located in Houston, TX and is here to help with all your custom heater needs. If you are unsure what type of heater you may need for your unique application, we can help you through the whole process from start to finish.

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Our Unique History in Manufacturing Heaters

The Uniflux heater is the result of a research project in the late 1950's by BS&B. The goal of the project was to develop a heater that would heat thermal-sensitive fluids without overheating and degrading the fluid. The project resulted in the development of the Uniflux heater, and started a division of BS&B which was dedicated to designing and producing Uniflux heaters. The product was so successful that it was set up as a stand alone company within the BS&B group of companies. In the early 1980's, the company was bought in a management buy-out as part of a restructuring exercise. That management has continued to lead the company to the present day, now under the name Exotherm Corporation.

Over the years, Exotherm has developed a reputation for high quality. We work very hard to continually earn this reputation. Designs and manufacturing methods are under constant review to produce an ever-improving heater. In addition to providing a heater with first-class fabrication, Exotherm is known for offering very safe and robust control systems for our heaters. Exotherm sells to customers who want to purchase high quality process heaters. Our customers want - and get - a reliable, safe, and long-lasting heater. Considering their reliability and long life, the heaters are well worth their purchase price. We find that our customers are so well satisfied with their first Uniflux heater, that they readily purchase Uniflux heaters for their on-going and future projects.

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