Oil Tool Test Heating System

Oil Tool Test Heaters

Exotherm's oil tool test heaters utilize the Q-Pak heater with a 1 to 3 MMBtu/hr (other sizes can be used as necessary) burner. The Oil Tool Test Heating system also includes custom designed insulated recirculation air ducting, control valves, burner management system, recirculation blower, and a tool test enclosure.  Cooling systems have been incorporated into some system applications for more rapid cool down and/or low temperature oil tool testing.

The blower circulates the air through the heater into the duct system to the tool test enclosure. In the oil tool test enclosure the heated air flows down to the bottom of the enclosure through an annular space between the outer housing and inner casing. The heater air then flows upward through the inner casing passing over the tool. The air exits the top of the tool test enclosure to the duct system where it is returned to the blower inlet.

The system allows for recirculation of the air from the test enclosure to save on fuel costs. In the recirculation mode, 20% of the air flow will be exhausted and made up with fresh air. This keeps the oxygen level high enough for proper burner operation. There are circulation control valves in the duct system to control the recirculation of the air, exhaust air and fresh air. The valves have electric actuators that provide the option of using 100% fresh air and bypassing the recirculation mode. The oil tool test heater can be designed and operated to provide discharge temperatures up to 1000°F.

The heater controls, fuel system and junction box are mounted on the heater providing interconnections to the heater for the fuel gas, pilot gas, pressure switch, low flow switch, flame scanner, igniter and thermocouple. The control panel can be remote mounted in the control area of your facility, or it can be locally mounted in at the junction box location.  The motor starter is mounted to the heater and is wired to the motor and junction box with galvanized conduit.

Exotherm Q-Pak Oil Tool Test Heating System Advantages

  • Automatic start-up of system
  • Fast test tool heating and cooling 
  • Precise modulating control of temperatures from 150°F to 1000°F.
  • Safe burner management system meeting NFPA 85/86.
  • System is complete
  • System can be custom designed to match your existing or future facility

The Exotherm Q-Pak heating systems are used by oil tool manufacturers because of their reliability, ease of use, safe design, and customer support.  The system is flexible and allows the control system and the operator to remain in a safe location away from the test cell that can be operating under high pressures.

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