Electric Steam Superheating System

Steam Superheaters

The UNIFLUX steam superheater can provide many advantages over competitive heaters.  The flexibility in the helical coil design removes the higher coil stresses that are seen with serpentine coils that have hairpin type return bends.  The coil can absorb all the thermal expansion, which is especially important when operating at higher temperatures and pressures. 

Exotherm has the ability to provide a UNIFLUX steam superheater with carbon steel or exotic higher alloy coils to accommodate the higher temperatures and pressures that are many times required for steam superheating service.  As with most heat transfer applications, uniform expansion rates of the process tubes is very important in eliminating potential tube rupture.  The uniform convective heat transfer provided by the UNIFLUX steam superheater heater provides this type of security in a cost competitive and compact package.  The compact footprint and uniform flux rates of the UNIFLUX heater makes it ideal for steam heating applications. 

UNIFLUX heaters are completely assembled and factory tested.  Our factory tests include all control sequencing and interlock verification.  The factory test also includes a complete burner light off and transition to main flame firing for ease of installation and start-up/commissioning.

UNIFLUX Direct Fired Superheater Features

  • Compact Design
  • Long coil life with convection heat transfer
  • Uniform heat transfer flux rates
  • Predictable tube wall temperatures without hot spots
  • Short flame burner prevents tube flame impingement
  • Low pressure drop
  • Close temperature control
  • Rapid response to heat load requirements
  • Forced draft burner prevents flashbacks
  • Carbon steel or high alloy process tubes
  • Hazardous area controls available
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