heat transfer pump skid

Heat Transfer Pump Skids

Exotherm Corporation can design and build a customer heat transfer pump skid to meet your specifications.  Whether it is and onshore manufacturing facility, or an offshore production platform, Exotherm fluid circulation skids are superior in fabrication and durability. Our circulation pump skids are designed with ANSI or API pumps (single or redundant), ASME Section VIII Expansion Tank, ASME Filter, Pressure Relief Valve, Expansion tank blanketing gas train, and all necessary piping, valves and instrumentation for long reliable service life.

Fluid Circulation Pump Skid

  • Custom Layout and Robust Design
  • Compact – Ideal for tight spaces on offshore platform
  • Meets stringent customer specifications
  • Redundant pumps (ANSI or API)
  • ASME Section VIII Code Stamped Expansion Tank and Filter
  • Expansion Tank Level Gauge with Low Level Safety Interlock
  • Relief valve and Blanket gas installed
  • Ladders and Handrails per OSHA
  • Integral Piping with Bypass valves to meet customer brand preference
  • Pressure, Temperature, and Level instrumentation installed and tested
  • ASME B31.3 Piping
  • Built in Drain Pan
  • Single or Modular Designs

heat transfer pump skids

Exotherm has a long history of making safe high quality and reliable heat transfer fluid heaters.  When combined with our robust heat transfer pump skids, you can be assured you will have decades of trouble free performance.

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