Direct Fried heater

Fired Process Heaters

Exotherm Corporation is a leading fired process heater manufacturer and is a leader in designing and manufacturing custom-built fired heaters. We build the Uniflux brand of a convection heater. Exotherm has the ability to design a safe, dependable fired process heater for nearly any application. Applications in which Exotherm excels include thermally-sensitive fluids, such as thermal fluids, vegetable oils, some crude oil applications, and regeneration gas heaters. At Exotherm, we provide fire process heaters to a wide range of industries including, petrochemical, oil & gas, food processing, and manufacturing industries.

Fired Process Heater Applications & Capabilities

These applications, along with many others utilize 1 of the many heaters available at Exotherm:

Some typical capabilities Exotherm fired process heaters are:

  • 0.1 - 70 MMBtu/hr
  • Efficiencies to 95%
  • Process temperatures to 1700°F
  • Process Pressures to 3000 psi
  • Carbon Steel, Low & High Alloy Metallurgies available
  • Gas, Oil, or Dual-Fired Designs
  • Cabin or Circular Designs
  • Turndown ratios up to 40:1
Direct Fired Heaters - Industrial Convection Gas Heaters

UNIFLUX® Convection Heaters

Economically priced forced-draft convection type process heater.

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Heat Transfer Fluid Systems - Thermal Fluid Heating Systems

Thermal Fluid Systems

Unique design eliminates flame impingement on the process tubes.

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Industrial Water Bath & Steam Heaters

Bath Heaters

A compact design utilizing forced draft burner technology.

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Heat Transfer Pump Skids - Fluid Circulation Skid

Pump Skids

Exotherm circulation skids are superior in fabrication and durability.

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Process Direct Gas Fired Air Heater

Q-PAK Direct Fired Air Heaters

A robust direct fired air heater, ideal for heating air streams.

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Industrial Burner Management Systems (BMS) - Burner Control System

Burner Management Control Systems

Designed to work with any custom industrial process heater from Exotherm.

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Process Heater Fuel Skid Packages

Fuel Skid Packages

Custom fuel skid packages for your process heater application.

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Industrial Process Heater Burners

Heater Burners

Designed for low pressure fuel and combustion air for mixing.

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Custom Industrial Process Heaters

Custom Heaters

Designed to meet temperature rise requirements and thermal efficiency.

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