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Process Heater Burners

Exotherm Corporation makes the UNIFLUX Process Heater Burner (Reactor) that has been applied to the UNIFLUX heaters for decades. We are a leader in the design and manufacturing of custom-engineered process heaters. We provide process heater burners to a wide range of industries including, petrochemical, oil & gas, power & utilities, food processing, and manufacturing.

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About UNIFLUX Process Heater Burner

The UNIFLUX Process Heater Burner is a metal construction designed for low-pressure fuel and combustion air for mixing. The combustion air enters the burner between the outer and inner burner cone tangentially near the mounting flange of the burner. The tangential entry creates a swirling air supply that travels around and back to the back of the burner where fuel gas is injected for mixing. The air is compressed at the back of the burner reduction and makes a 180-degree turn creating a vortex that assists with entraining fuel gas into the throat of the burner. The air and fuel begin mixing in the throat of the inner cone. A nozzle reduction port increases the discharge velocity of the combustion products as they exit the burner (Reactor) throat. 

Most of the combustion occurs inside the reactor allowing minimal flame to enter the process heat transfer chamber. There are many other advantages to using process heater burners from Exotherm. The high velocity and short flame profile eliminates the potential for flame impingement, as well as creating a virtually complete convective heat transfer media. Because the combustion air circulates between the annulus of the inner burner cone and the outer cone, the external surface of the burner remains air-cooled. Exotherm also offers optional high-velocity burners for Low NOx and Ultra Low NOx application requirements, as well as for liquid fuel firing applications.

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We also offer custom heaters designed to meet temperature rise requirements and thermal efficiency.

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