UNIFLUX Efficiency Advantages

UNIFLUX heaters can offer much improved heat transfer efficiency over competitive heaters.  This is especially evident when compared to the efficiency of competitive natural draft heaters.  Because the UNIFLUX heater uses a high velocity forced draft burner with excellent flexibility, we can operate at much lower excess air levels than competitive heaters.  The chart below illustrates the increased efficiency that can be achieved with a forced draft UNIFLUX heater as compared to a natural draft heater with a burner that must operate at higher excess air levels to remain stable.  This additional excess air level reduces the peak combustion gas temperature and lowers the heat transfer rate to the process. 

The UNIFLUX heater and the associated burner can also operate at lower excess air level throughout a greater firing rate turndown than many competitive heaters.  The chart below illustrates the UNIFLUX heater efficiency upon turndown, as compared to a natural draft heater.  Natural draft burners increase in excess air level as the firing rate is reduced because the excess air is dependent on the draft effect of the heater, which does not significantly change with process load changes.

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