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UNIFLUX® Burner Advantages

  • COMPACT: With high heat release, the UNIFLUX® reactor is designed for compactness.
  • FAST RESPONSE: The Fuel Reactor responds instantly to process load changes with its high velocity exhaust gases.
  • ALL-METAL CONSTRUCTION: Cooling effect of inlet combustion air keeps inner and outer cones cool, even when the UNIFLUX® reactor is operating at full capacity. Temperature on outer cone approaches temperature of the inlet air. The need for refractory is eliminated.
  • LOW PRESSURE FUEL: With vortex at the point of fuel injection, low pressure fuels down to 6" WC can be effectively burned in the reactor.
  • HIGH HEAT RELEASE RATES: About 10,000,000 BTU/Hr/ft3 of combustion volume in firing natural gas.
  • MINIMUM FLAME EXTENSION: Combustion is essentially completed within the Fuel Reactor with only high temperature inert combustion products emitted.
  • STOICHIOMETRIC COMBUSTION: The reactor is adjustable to stoichiometric fuel-air ratios with complete combustion assured within the reactor. It operates over a wide range of turndown with stable combustion.
  • SAFE OPERATION: The Fuel Reactor is sealed - eliminating flashbacks and the need for flame arrestors; it can be completely automated and controlled with optional safeguards and accessories.
  • MULTIFUEL CAPABILITY: The fuel reactor will operate on most gaseous fuels including low heating value gases. High velocity fuel reactors are also available to operate on most liquid fuels.
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