Heat Flux Rate Advantages

Flux Rate Advantages

The below graph reveals what is potentially the most distinctive feature of the Uniflux design. It is in fact, the feature from which the Uniflux heater gets its name. The high velocity flue gas flowing around the process tubes produces a UNIFORM FLUX, from which the name UNIFLUX is derived. This featured flux allows for rate of coil life cycles to be much longer than expected with radiant heaters - in many cases, our coils last more than 20 years. The even heating eliminates thermal stresses due to hot spots which improves tube life, and thereby improves safety.

flux rate advantage

Additionally, since the flux rate is uniform with respect to the tube diameter, the tube wall temperature and film temperatures are uniform. This allows a Uniflux heater to safely heat fluids which are very sensitive to both thermal shock and film overheating. This in turn reduces fluid degradation and nearly eliminates coking. In thermal fluid heaters, this equates to less loss of fluid due to breakdown and vaporization of the low boiling point components, which means lower operating costs.

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