Industrial Process Heater Advantages

UNIFLUX® Process Heater Advantages

The UNIFLUX heater has significant process heater advantages over competitive fired heaters.  The convective heat transfer method of the UNIFLUX heater allows for unparalleled heat transfer uniformity to your process fluid.  The UNIFLUX heater uses high velocity short flame burner technology to force combustion products rapidly around and between process tubes.  Internal recirculation encases the process tube periphery with products of combustion that are cooled to convective temperatures and very uniform throughout the heat transfer zone.  The forced convection that is designed into every UNIFLUX heater makes is not only compact, but eliminates the need for external flue gas recirculation fans.  This not only simplifies the heater controls, but also greatly increases the heater safety.


  • Compact
  • Fast Response
  • High Heat Release Rates
  • Minimum Flame Extension 
  • Stoichiometric Combustion 
  • Safe Operation
Industrial Process Burner Advantages

Burner Advantages

Compact, fast response, all-metal construction and more.

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UNIFLUX® Heater Advantages

UNIFLUX® Heater Advantages

Uniform heat flux, no flame impingement, high thermal efficiency and more.

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Heat Flux Rate Advantages - Uniform Heat Transfer Benefits

Flux Rate Advantages

Because of our unique features, our coils last more than 20 years.

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Process Burner Efficiency Advantages

Efficiency Advantages

UNIFLUX's efficiency advantages compared other natural draft heaters.

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