Petrochemical Fired Heaters

Petrochemical Fired Heaters

Exotherm is a leader in the manufacturing of custom-built fired heaters for the petrochemical industry. The petrochemical industry involves the extraction and production of organic chemicals derived specifically from petroleum and natural gases. Fired heater products that we fabricate for this industry include:

  • Direct Fired Process Heaters
  • Heat Transfer Fluid Heaters
  • Various Chemical Heaters
  • Steam Superheaters
  • Glycol & Water Heaters
  • Ammonia Heaters
  • Air, CO2, N2 Heaters
  • Cryogenic Heaters
  • Indirect Fired Water Bath Heaters

Custom Fired Heater Capabilities

Petrochemicals are produced through a process called cracking. This entails splitting large hydrocarbon molecules into smaller molecules. Two different kinds of cracking are common: fluid catalytic cracking is used for petroleum fractions, and steam cracking is used for natural gas liquids. These processes frequently include the use of extreme temperature and pressure. Exotherm’s fired heaters are well equipped to handle these conditions by offering superior temperature uniformity and process control. These fired heater capabilities include:

  • Up to 70 MMBtu/Hr (and greater in some applications)
  • Efficiencies to 95%
  • Process Temperature to 1700°F
  • Process Pressures to 3000 psi
  • Carbon Steel, Low, & High Alloy Metallurgies Available
  • Gas, Oil or Dual-Fired Designs
  • Cabin or Circular Designs
  • Turndown Ratios Up to 40:1    

Petrochemical Fired Heater Applications

Exotherm understands that safety, reliability, and durability in a fired heater is necessary for any company working with petrochemicals to ensure the safety of their employees, the public and the environment. Each of our petrochemical fired heaters are custom sized and built to meet specific customer applications. Our flexibility and attention to detail means that each of our clients receives the ideal system for their needs. Some specific applications include:

  • Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Chemical & Various Specialty Process Fluids
  • Regeneration Gases
  • Air Heating Application (Direct & Indirect)
  • Crude Oils & Emulsions
  • Vaporizers
  • Natural Gas (Other than Regeneration Gas)
  • Research & Development Processes

Services for Direct Fired Heaters

Products created from petrochemicals pervade many aspects of daily existence. Plastics, soaps, detergents, solvents, paints, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, pesticides, explosives, synthetic fibers and rubbers, and flooring and insulating materials all include petrochemicals. At Exotherm, we are proud that we can make this industry both safer and more efficient each year. Our services include:

  • Inspection of Process Heaters (Mechanical and Electrical)
  • Comprehensive Safety Interlock Checkout and Testing
  • Flame Safety Systems and Controls Troubleshooting
  • Burners (Standard, Low NOx, & Ultra Low NOx)
  • Internal Heater Inspections (Process Coil Inspections, Coil Supports, Insulation)
  • Flue gas analysis with efficiency and emission solutions
  • Turning of air/fuel ratio for optimum efficiency and emissions
  • Control system and burner upgrades
  • Installation supervision and retrofits
  • Detailed field services and records
  • Field Service Contracts

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