crude oil heater

Crude Oil Heaters

Crude oil heater applications are great uses for the Uniflux® heater because of the convective heat transfer design. The uniform flux density around the process coil allows for even heating of the crude oil thus reducing coking of the process tubes. This uniform heat flux reduces tube hot spots and prevents scorching of the crude oil.  The Uniflux® heater control system also provides precise process temperature control for even heating of the process crude oil. Contact Exotherm today to learn more about our crude oil heaters and other applications of the Uniflux® heater.

Uniflux® Crude Oil Heater Features

  • Convection heat transfer resulting in a uniform low heat transfer flux rate
  • Predictable tube wall temperatures without hot spots
  • Short flame burner prevents tube flame impingement
  • Precision temperature control for even gentle heating of the process
  • Rapid response to heat load requirements
  • Forced draft burner prevents flashback
  • Hazardous area controls
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