Offshore Production Heaters

Offshore Production Heaters

offshore heaterUniflux ® heaters have provided safe single source heat transfer fluid heating for offshore platform oil and gas production since 1965.  Heat transfer fluids are usually glycol/water, Ambitrol, or synthetic fluids such as Therminol and Dowtherm.  The Uniflux® offshore production heater is ideal for this application because its compact footprint requires a minimal amount of area on the platform.

The low flux rate convection heat transfer extends the life of the heat transfer coil to provide a durable heater that will operate for the life of the platform.  A complete corrosion resistant fuel train and control system is assembled to the heater that is designed and built to meet the customer's specifications.  A PLC is supplied that interfaces with the customer's DCS system.  The offshore production heater meets offshore codes such as API RP14C and API RP14E, as well as NFPA 70 for hazardous areas. 

Offshore Production Heater Features

  • offshore production heaterCompact Design
  • Long heat transfer coil life with convection heat transfer 
  • Three cost paint system
  • Purged 316 stainless steel control panel enclosure
  • MC cable wiring
  • Seal welded heater and blower construction
  • Steel flanged fuel gas system
  • TEFC, severe duty blower motor with space heaters
  • Stack spark arrestor
  • Fusible loop system
  • Teflon coated bolts and studs
  • Stainless steel instrument valves
  • Drain pan under process nozzles 
  • Fire suppression system

Offshore Production Heater Specifications

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