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UNIFLUX® Cabin Heaters

The UNIFLUX® Cabin-style heater design provides the same superior heat transfer uniformity to thermally sensitive process fluids as the UNIFLUX® Helical Coil heaters. However, it offers higher heat duty capability with the use of a multi-burner arrangement. 

The UNIFLUX® Cabin heaters also are designed with finned process tubes to greatly increase tube surface and heat transfer per tube length. The same spaced coil design is utilized in the UNIFLUX® Cabin-style heater in conjunction with high velocity short flame burners. This allows for the same flue gas flow around the process tube barrier with completely combusted flue gases as the Helical Coil design. The spaced tube arrangement provides entrainment of cooler flue gases back into the hot flue gas jet stream for a lower overall bulk temperature, just as the Helical Coil heater design offers. No external recirculation blower is required, as the recirculation is a forced internal recirculation by design. 

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UNIFLUX Cabin Heater

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We also offer custom heaters designed to meet temperature rise requirements and thermal efficiency.

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