Industrial Process Heaters

Industries Served

Exotherm Corporation provides process heaters for almost every market segment.  The following Industries are markets that Exotherm Corporation has supplied UNIFLUX heaters or other Exotherm process heaters:

  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Utilities & Other

Process heating applications for these industries include:

  • Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Chemical & Various Specialty Process Fluids
  • Regeneration Gases
  • Vegetable Oils
  • Air Heating Application (Direct and Indirect)
  • Crude Oils
  • Natural Gas (Other than Regeneration Gas)
  • Research & Development Processes

Exotherm Corporation has supplied process heaters to a worldwide marketplace including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia, Japan, China, Australia, South American, and Malaysia.  These process heaters include on shore and off shore locations around the world. 

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